How to enter prize competitions

  1. Pick the competition you want to enter.
  2. Choose how many entries you would like in the draw.
  3. Choose your own lucky numbers.
  4. Answer the skill based multiple choice question.
  5. Complete the very simple checkout process.

You’ll then be e-mailed your numbers and placed into the draw automatically.

How the winner is picked

Once the strictly limited number of entries to the draw are sold, the draw will go ahead. The date and time of our live streamed video draw will be advertised via Facebook and Instagram (don’t forget to ‘follow’ and ‘share’). One random number will be picked out, live, using a Google Random Number Generator. No staff can therefore be seen to have any influence on the winning number – WE THEN HAVE A WINNER!! We’ll then contact the winner immediately to share the great news……

Handover to the customer and uploading winner pictures

The winner is expected to make arrangement to pick up their prize within 5 working days of the result being announced. We will always do our very best to hand over at a time convenient to you and are happy to pick winner’s up from a local train station, airport or other.

Should you be the lucky winner of a holiday, we shall contact you immediately and organise all relevant paperwork to be delivered in both electronic and hard copy format

We always like to share the moment, so we’d kindly request that all winners pose for our ‘Winners Gallery’ which will go live on our site and on social media. Winning pictures will be uploaded within 7 days.